Hardware Disposal and Recycling

Over the years, small and medium business organisations tend to accumulate large piles of obsolete hardware equipment, often taking up valuable space that could be used more effectively for storage or office purposes. Used up hardware products can’t just be dumped into regular waste disposal bins since that would produce disastrous effects on the environment, so legal regulations in the UK and other countries require companies to recycle old IT devices that are no longer in operating condition. That’s where Docemo Business Solutions can lend a helpful hand – we are fully equipped to perform hardware disposal and recycling according to very strict environmental standards, helping small and medium business owners to manage their hardware infrastructure in a rational way.

A simple phone call is enough to resolve the issue that was ignored for years and get rid of all excessive hardware clogging up the office once and for all. Docemo technicians will come to client’s premises to pick up the hardware and issue all the prerequisite documentation that allows companies to write products off their books, making this service extremely convenient and time-saving. In addition to supporting Earth-friendly regulations and policies, companies gain a lot of practical benefits while committing very little effort to this aspect of business operations. Whenever an update of hardware equipment is planned at one of the company locations, it could be a good idea to contact Docemo Business Systems and arrange a hardware disposal and recycling service beforehand in order to make room for the new technology.

Do something about all those obsolete laptops, printers, monitors and network equipment sitting idly in your warehouse! Let Docemo Business Solutions take all of it away and complete its lifecycle in a responsible, legally sanctioned way.


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