Best and affordable managed services for your business

Docemo business solutions is able to offer a very attractive package of services to companies looking for a way to cut their it expenses and improve the efficiency of their business systems. this is an alternative approach to professional it system handling that can provide a lot of additional value for the client by replacing in-house it personnel with a range of managed services that support business growth without too much need for direct client involvement. in other words, this is a method for outsourcing all your it needs to a company specialized to take care of them.

cut costs

reduce risks

Improve reliability

boost efficiency

With gold microsoft partner and small business specialist badges serving as the best evidence of our skill level and familiarity with the top business solutions created by microsoft, docemo is a rare company that you can always trust to deliver reliable, well-rounded managed solutions for companies in a number of industries. we don’t offer you any foggy answers or vague estimations either – based on roi and cost saving analyses techniques, we project the amount of money we can save for each client before the cooperation even starts.

In order to serve our clients in the most convenient way, we decided to provide them with a choice. depending on needs and financial strength of the client, docemo business solutions can offer three different packages of value services, including:

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Customised IT Solutions to

achieve your Business goals

All our services are trailor made to suit your business needs.