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Another area where Docemo Business Solutions is able to deliver a lot of value for small and medium companies is providing third-party installations and set-up procedures for customers with limited understanding of advanced IT systems or shortage of human resources needed to complete the task. Since a typical enterprise lacks the necessary knowledge to independently undertake any serious hardware and software installations, we are able to deliver a very popular range of services that would otherwise take up an inordinate amount of company resources. Even when the customer is technology-savvy, Docemo Business Solutions can also play a very useful role by performing certain high-level tasks and replacing an internal IT team of specialists that would cost a lot more to assemble. In either scenario, our experts would be available to perform custom IT-related tasks on location at the time specified by the client.

Installation support and partner-driven services are especially attractive for companies that either have intense data needs or feature multiple distant locations that need to be included in the same IT system. Hiring an expert organization to handle all PC and network installations, as well as software installations and updates, can be an effective cost-cutting measure that allows the company to increase productivity while keeping IT expenses at a manageable level. To help customers even more, Docemo offers fixed prices for most basic installation jobs, while it is also possible to lease engineers or technicians for a fixed daily rate, providing a flexible model of engagement that can be acceptable to the widest spectrum of clients.

Our installation services can be delivered as a part of a long-term agreement or as independent one-off jobs, so it is really up to the client to decide how much help will be needed. It is our policy at Docemo Business Solutions to always keep client needs in the focus of attention and we invite you to test this policy on a practical task, no matter how small it might seem.


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