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It makes perfect sense to undergo a server upgrade once every several years when a particularly attractive new version becomes available, but it takes a knowledgeable IT partner toensure there will be no loss of data during the operation. That’s where Docemo Business Solutions can show its expertise in practice, since we have professional teams well-versed in similar tasks and well-informed about the properties of innovative versions of server storage solutions. Not only the data will be protected at all times, but its accessibility and traceability should be preserved or even improved compared to the version the client was using before.

Docemo Business Solutions can confidently provide enterprises with professional assistance regarding server migrations for the following technologies:

For ten years we have given a successful, professional service. our advice is always practical, relevant and in plain english. we are a microsoft certified partner and a microsoft small business specialist. use docemo business solutions and benefit from a cost-effective, innovative approach to it support.
  • Windows Server 2019 Essentials
  • Microsoft Exchange server
  • SQL Server 2019 Editions
  • SharePoint Server 2019
  • Dynamics 365
  • Window Server 2019

Don’t wait to make a transition just because you fear how your old data storage would transfer to a new environment! Ask Docemo to guide you through the process and guarantee for the integrity of your essential corporate information, no matter what type of server your company might use to compete in the marketplace. We have a lot of experience with the underlying technologies including a formal Microsoft Partner certificate and we treat our clients with respect on each and every project. Call us to find out what kind of agreement we could strike with you!.

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